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About Denise

Hello! I’m Denise

Handmade Ceramic Artist

I’m Denise, a ceramic figurative Artist, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was introduced to ceramics while I was on a community Arts course., many moons ago., and went on from that to do an HND in 3-dimensional design course in pottery and ceramics. Afterwards, I gained a place on the Arts and Design course at ECA (Edinburgh College of Art).

My ceramics have evolved from the studio work I have experienced over some years and more recently in my career as a support worker enabling inclusion Arts groups. 
But sharing my skills, knowledge and experience with others I gain so much in return.  
When I am not at work at the centre., I can spend many hours perfecting designs and thinking up more to produce. I sell at my online store and smaller pieces at the Mulberrybush shop (Garvald – Edinburgh).
During my early student  learning I focused on throwing on the wheel, itself an act of centring physically and psychologically. Recent years it I have been surprised to find that hand-building and sculpting  become just as joyous.  Creating ceramic sculptures provides me with opportunities  personal well-being and spiritual growth. 
For me the simple methods of pinching/coiling /hand painting surface decoration relates to mindfulness and positive well being.  I have seen first hand the  psychological health benefits of Art with people I support and am passionate and  commitment to passing on skills to others. 

Behind The Scenes

Watch my process

Below is the typical process that I use when creating my ceramic items. 

  • I work with traditional methods and all of my ceramics are one-off hand-built pieces, with no moulds involved. I use combined methods of slab building, pinching, coiling and modelling; often experimenting with surface texture by layering glazes and multi firing to deepen depth and texture.
  • I use combined methods of slab building, pinching, coiling and modelling. I experiment with surface texture, layer glazes and multi fire to further deepen depth and texture.
  • I draw, collage, and use mixed media. I work in sketchbooks but don’t sketch out ideas; ideas evolve from the exploration of themes I have worked on previously. My Ideas progress from design sketches and develop these into clay maquettes; which may be later translated into a larger model.
  • I use all types of clay bodies according to the appropriateness of it for whatever I’m making. Clay is so easy to make an impression on and the possibility to cut up / even break and reassemble provides endless possibilities. 

I will be setting up some pilot workshops in community venues in the summer of 2021 I look forward to being able to pass on the excitement and fulfilling experience of creating ceramics.


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